Hack android mobile using dendroid

Requirements :
Hosting account with PHP & MySQL support.
Dendroid source download it from here.
Android Studio download it from here.
Brain :p
Procedure :
Create a hosting account if you don’t have any.
Now create a MySQL database and note down the following information like (database name,database user_name,database password,MySQL host/ip)
After downloading Dendroid.rar extract it.
Now extract Dendroid Panel.zip and go to Dendroid Panel/Panel/ now open the following files and replace “http://pizzachip.com/rat/” with your domain name.  :
clearawaiting.php (Also change <? to <?php in first line)
clearmessages.php (Also change <? to <?php in first line)
Now open reg.php and do the following changes :
Now open the following files and locate if($_GET[‘Password’] == “keylimepie”) change “keylimepie” with your Database password :
Now open Dendroid Panel folder and navigate to Dendroid Panel/Other Files and create zip of the file “SQL.sql” remember zip not rar.
Open your control panel and navigate to your phpMyAdmin. Now click on Import and select the file SQL.sql.zip and click on Go at the bottom of the page.
Now upload all the files and our database is all setup .Now go to your panel for eg. “http://mysite.com/panel/&#8221; if everything went right you will see something like this.
Now click on Begin Setup you will be navigated to the following screen. Now start filling all the details that you took note of in the step 2. Add all the other values as entered in the image and click on Continue.
If every thing went will you will directed to the following screen. Click on Finish Setup.
Now leave the Web_Pane it there. And extract “Dendroid Apk.zip”.
Open Android Studio and Click on “Open Existing Project”, now navigate to the folder “Dendroid Apk”.
Now select Project Files as done in the image below.
Now open MyService.java located in ‘”src/com”/connect/MyService.java’ if you can’t find the file just take a look at the image below.
Now go this website and encode the following variables value as directed.
encodeURL = the address of your panel eg. http://mysite.com/panel
backupURL = if you have a backup panel then enter its address if not then use the encoded url
encodedPassword = your encoded password
Now its almost done save the file and click on Build>>Make Project.
 Note this will create a Unsigned apk to create a Signed apk click on Generate Signed Apk.
Now after compilation is completed you should have a new folder named out there you can find your apk that is needed to be installed in the victims mobile.

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