Cracking/Recovering Zip File password

This guide will show you how to crack ZIP file password fast with Daossoft ZIP Password Recovery. Including ZIP, WinZIP, 7-ZIP and PKZIP Archives password.

Step 1. Install ZIP Password Recovery full version on your computer.
Purchase ZIP Password Recovery full version and install it on your computer.
Free trial version can only recover a password with less than three symbols and help users to check out all features of ZIP Password Recovery.

Step 2. Run ZIP Password Recovery and import your target file which you want to crack its password.
Click “Open” button (or click the “File | Open File” from menu bar).

In the Open File Dialog, select your target ZIP file and click “Open”.

Step 3. Choose an Attack solution for cracking ZIP password.
There are four attack solutions in our program and you can choose one of them to crack a ZIP password more faster: Brute-force Attack, Mask Attack, Dictionary Attack and Smart Attack. Before starting cracking, you need to set the Attack settings.

Step 4. Set apppropriate settings and start cracking password.
Solution 1: Brute-force Attack: If you choose this solution, the program will try all possible combinations in the specified Range which you can check by yourself. Available options under Brute-force mode: caps latin, small latin, digits, special symbol, space, all printable and password lenth. For example, if you still remember that your password was made up with six characters and for digits only, you can select digits for the range and set lenth range in Lenth Option.

Open “Length” Setting, type in two numbers to define the range.
Minimal password length: Set the minimum password length.
Maximal password length: Set the maximum password length.
When you complete all settings, click Start button on menubar to start cracking your ZIP file password and the program will find out the original password for you automatically!

Solution 2: Mask Attack: If you choose this attack solution, you have to give the symbols you remembered, replace the unkown symbols with “?”. Such as ac???ab. Caps latin, small latin, digits, special symbol, space, all printable and password lenth options are also available under Mask Attack mode.
When you finish setting, click Start button and the program will search three characters combinations instead of seven and crack the password more faster.

Solution 3: Dictionary Attack: Because a name or word was usually used as a password. This Attack verifies the frequently-used words stored in the specified Dictionary File. We has supplied a small Dictionary File containing common English words. You also can create one yourself.

“Dictionary” Settings: Select your desired dictionary file. In addition, you also can select an option “Smart mutations” or “Try all possible upper/lower case combinations”. Then click Start button to start search. If one of those Words matches your password, the program will display it for you and you can use it to open your protected ZIP archives.

Solution 4: Smart Attack: If you select this solution, all range and lenth settings are set by default. ZIP Password Recovery will try all possible character combinations untill find the correct password.
Simply choose Smart Attack from pull-down list and click “Start” button to start cracking.

Step 5. For a moment, the original password will be successfully recovered, and displayed in the dialog box. Copy it and use it to open the protected ZIP file.

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